Friday, April 5, 2013

The Un-Princess Diaries

As the only daughter in our family (blessed? with three brothers), you would have thought I'd have been raised somewhat princess-like.  Didn't happen.  Still isn't happening.  Our parents made sure I had as long of a list of chores (I'm quite certain it was longer) as my brothers, there was no sitting around being waited on or catered to with me.

But maybe that's okay.  Maybe that taught me at an early age to "put my back into it" and try hard.  (My husband recently made the mistake of saying the above quote to me when we were in a curling tournament and I was sweeping like mad.  If you saw my back, you'd know there isn't much to "put into" anything.)

Anyway, being raised un-princess-like gave me good work ethics, and as we all know, if you really want something, you need to put some effort into it.  Usually a lot of effort.

I've talked to sooooooooooo many other women writer's, and I hear the same thing over and over from them.  "I get up and write from 4 to 6 a.m. every morning before getting the kids up and getting ready for my day job."  Or, "I make all my meals for the week on a Sunday so I can have dinner ready for the family and write after supper when the kids do their homework."  The list of ways to get things done is endless.

Which proves a point ~ if you really want to do something, you'll find a way.  And the time.  No matter if it's exercise (see my story "Runnin Down a Dream" on my website), going back to college, or writing a book, most things are possible if you really want to get it done.

I'm guessing all those women who are up at four a.m. to write were also raised in un-princess-like ways.  Thanks mom and dad, I guess being raised without a princess crown was best for me after all.

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  1. It takes a great deal of commitment and self-love to get up early and do things for ourselves, like write or excercise or even have coffee with a friend. You're a great example to taking care of yourself so you can better care for others when they need you.